Ray Whiting — Starting Anew

Welcome to my little corner of the world.

  • Still A Bit Unwell

    Ever since last Sunday, I’ve had gut issue.  Sunday night and much of Monday I was puking with some regularity.  Then whatever bug it was descended to my lower guy, providing interesting races to the toilet.  ‘Nuff said. Monday I have to get a blood draw to check my kidney function before a CT Scan…

  • Better Today…?

    After a night of trying to nap on the couch, waking every hour or so to eject whatever was in my stomach, I finally settled into a semi-comfortable position and slept almost 3 hours.  Whatever was blocking my lower system managed to unblock itself and I got some blessed relief.   And (for now, anyway), no…

  • I am sick.

    As if I needed more crap to worry about.  Shortly after supper last night, I got really bad pains in my abdomen, up below the diaphragm.  It felt like everything was swelling. Long story short, I’ve only slept in fits and starts, interspersed with vomiting nothing much but fluid.  And I’ve not pooped since yesterday. …

  • Am I Here?

    Awwrighty, then!  After a major crash and loss of everything from the last 12+ years, I am starting raywhiting.com all over again!  I still have a LOT of work to do “under the hood” so it will take some time to get back into the swing of things.