Getting Myself In Order

Thanks to my family’s current issues, I seriously need to dig out and dust off my little hand weights/dumbbells and wipe down my stretchy exercise bands.

The issue, in short, is that my brother went in for routine one-day surgery to fix some hernias, and he didn’t come out of the anesthesia well.  He was confused, aggressive, and combative, and had to be sedated a while until he calmed down.  He is still confused, and later today will be moved from the rehab facility to a new home-care setting.  He will not live on his own again.

I need to work on staying healthy and strong, as well as maintaining balance so minimize the risk of falls.  It sucks being reminded I am aging and if I don’t get my shit together I could just as easily end up like my father and my brother.  My father had a stroke and lived in an adult foster home for 7 years, mostly in a wheelchair, although his mind was mostly intact.  My brother has  severe cognitive issues and falls often so he’s not allowed to walk on his own; his bed and wheelchair both have alarms to alert the nursing staff that he’s not where he is meant to be.

I don’t ever want to end like that.  So, it is on me to get serious about basic exercise and mobility.  I might not be able to control mental decline or dementia, but I can try.

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